Bye Bye Money!

Today we are all dependent on money, without them we are unable to do anything. The crisis is creeping up, we need to become independent. It's time to get rid of the money and develop our brain. Thanks to Bye Bye Money! (for the moment I'm collecting subscriptions) there will be a curvature of the human destiny, no more dependence on the money, but encourage the knowledge to learn how to get the necessary things, adjust the car, cultivate to eat, get a suit, as explained here: (now you just need to click like and share), just register for free and enter the details of your profession. Someone will need you for help in something, you will give gladly to get as much knowledge from others; maybe you will need to know how to fix the TV or how to grow tomatoes, speaking directly with a professional like you, and with video-call will show you how to do. The site will stimulate the desire to know, the world intercultural exchange, and wants to help each other all over the world. You can talk directly with video-call with those who will teach you exactly what you want to learn, you can place them questions or recall.