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Christmas Music

Fiore d'Inverno in A bemolle major, for free by Vincenzo Flora.

image of the video click here to download or click here to listen This music is for christmas. The meanings of that is a romantic love born into a dream. My name is Vincenzo Flora, I am a dream catcher because i listen the music that appears into my dreams and catch the notes of that. Those notes are different than the notes in use into normal musics. Into the dream my unconscious transform my emotions meanings into melody, then, it makes me wake up and I can write that notes of the melody.
This online christmas love movie wants to express the music that I catched into my romantic dream. I write that love music in 2006 when I was in love, in total romantic inspiration.
Christmas is a romantic moment when people searching together love and romantic warm. There is enough love in this world? We are still able to love? I think we can love only themselves, this is the reason why I write music catched from my unconscious revealed into my dreams.